Unit Convert 7


- Unit Convert 7 app allows you to convert a unit to your choice of up to 6 different units and displays all 7 units in one page with descriptions for easier comparison.

- It supports a total of 29 unit conversion categories with more than 800 conversion units.

- It supports local units used by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indian.




1. meter 2. exameter 3. petameter
4. terameter5. gigameter6. megameter
7. kilometer8. hectometer9. dekameter
10. decimeter11. centimeter12. millimeter
13. micrometer14. nanometer15. picometer; stigma; bicron
16. femtometer; fermi17. attometer18. angstrom
19. astronomical unit20. barleycorn21. bohr, atomic unit of length
22. cable length (imperial)23. cable length (International)24. cable length (US)
25. chain (Gunter's; Surveyor's)26. cubit27. ell
28. fathom29. finger30. finger (cloth)
31. foot (International)32. french; charriere33. furlong
34. hand35. inch (International)36. league (land)
37. light-day38. light-hour39. light-minute
40. light-second41. light-year42. line
43. link (Gunter's; Surveyor's)44. link (Ramsden's; Engineer's)45. mickey
46. micron47. mil; thou48. mil (Sweden and Norway)
49. mile (international)50. nail (cloth)51. nautical league
52. nautical mile (international)53. pace54. palm
55. parsec56. point (American, English)57. point (European)
58. point (PostScript)59. point (TeX)60. quarter
61. rod; pole; perch62. rope63. span
64. spat65. stick66. twip
67. x unit; siegbahn68. yard (International)69. cùn (China)
70. chi (China)71. bù (China)72. zhàng (China)
73. yin (China)74. li (China)75. fen (Hong Kong)
76. tsun (Hong Kong)77. chek (Hong Kong)78. mo (Japan)
79. rin (Japan)80. bu (Japan)81. sun (Japan)
82. shaku (Japan)83. ken (Japan)84. hiro (Japan)
85. jo (Japan)86. cho (Japan)87. ri (Japan)



1. square meter 2. acre (international) 3. are
4. barn5. barony6. board
7. boiler horsepower equivalent direct radiation8. circular inch9. circular mil; circular thou
10. cord11. dunam12. guntha
13. hectare14. hide15. rood
16. section17. shed18. square (roofing)
19. square chain (international)20. square foot21. square inch
22. square kilometer23. square link (Gunter's)(International)24. square link (Gunter's)(US Survey)
25. square link (Ramsden's)26. square mil; square thou27. square mile
28. square rod/pole/perch29. square yard (International)30. stremma
31. township32. yardland33. pyeong (Korea)
34. lí (China)35. fen (China)36. mu (China)
37. shí (China)38. qing (China)39. fang cùn (China)
40. fang chi (China)41. fang zhang (China)42. go (Japan)
43. jo (Japan)44. tsubo (Japan); pyeong (Korea)45. bu (Japan)
46. se (Japan)47. tan (Japan)48. cho (Japan)



1. cubic meter 2. acre-foot 3. acre-inch
4. barrel (imperial)5. barrel (petroleum)6. barrel (US dry)
7. barrel (US fluid)8. board-foot9. bucket (imperial)
10. bushel (imperial)11. bushel (US dry heaped)12. bushel (US dry level)
13. butt, pipe14. coomb15. cord (firewood)
16. cord-foot17. cubic fathom18. cubic foot
19. cubic inch20. cubic mile21. cubic yard
22. cup (breakfast)23. cup (Canadian)24. cup (metric)
25. cup (US customary)26. cup (US food nutrition labeling)27. dash (imperial)
28. dash (US)29. dessertspoon (imperial)30. drop (imperial)
31. drop (imperial) (alt)32. drop (medical)33. drop (metric)
34. drop (US)35. drop (US) (alt)36. fifth
37. firkin38. fluid drachm (imperial)39. fluid dram; US fluidram
40. fluid scruple (imperial)41. gallon (beer)42. gallon (imperial)
43. gallon (US dry)44. gallon (US fluid; Wine)45. gill (imperial); Noggin
46. gill (US)47. hogshead (imperial)48. hogshead (US)
49. jigger (bartending)50. kilderkin51. lambda
52. last53. liter54. load
55. milliliter56. minim (imperial)57. minim (US)
58. ounce (fluid imperial)59. ounce (fluid US customary)60. ounce (fluid US food nutrition labeling)
61. peck (imperial)62. peck (US dry)63. perch
64. pinch (imperial)65. pinch (US)66. pint (imperial)
67. pint (US dry)68. pint (US fluid)69. pony
70. pottle; quartern71. quart (imperial)72. quart (US dry)
73. quart (US fluid)74. quarter; pail75. register ton
76. sack (imperial); bag77. sack (US)78. seam
79. shot80. strike (imperial)81. strike (US)
82. tablespoon (Australian metric)83. tablespoon (Canadian)84. tablespoon (imperial)
85. tablespoon (metric)86. tablespoon (US customary)87. tablespoon (US food nutrition labeling)
88. teaspoon (Canadian)89. teaspoon (imperial)90. teaspoon (metric)
91. teaspoon (US customary)92. teaspoon (US food nutrition labeling)93. timber foot
94. ton (displacement)95. ton (freight)96. ton (water)
97. tun98. wey (US)99. cuo (China)
100. sháo (China)101. ge (China)102. sheng (China)
103. dou (China)104. dàn (China)



1. kilogram 2. atomic mass unit, unified 3. atomic unit of mass
4. bag (coffee)5. bag (Portland cement)6. barge
7. carat8. carat (metric)9. clove
10. crith11. dalton12. dram (apothecary; troy)
13. dram (avoirdupois)14. electronvolt15. gamma
16. grain17. gram18. grave
19. hundredweight (long)20. hundredweight (short); cental21. kip
22. mark23. maund (India)24. milligram
25. mite26. mite (metric)27. ounce (apothecary; troy)
28. ounce (avoirdupois)29. ounce (US food nutrition labeling)30. pennyweight
31. point32. pound33. pound (avoirdupois)
34. pound (metric)35. pound (troy)36. quarter (imperial)
37. quarter (informal)38. quarter, long (informal)39. quintal (metric)
40. scruple (apothecary)41. ser (India)42. sheet
43. slug; geepound; hyl44. stone45. tola (India)
46. ton, assay (long)47. ton, assay (short)48. ton, long
49. ton, short50. tonne (mts unit)51. wey
52. lí (China)53. fen (China)54. qián (China)
55. liang (China)56. jin (China)57. dàn (China)
58. candareen (Hong Kong)59. mace (Hong Kong)60. tael (Hong Kong)
61. catty (Hong Kong)62. picul (Hong Kong)



1. kelvin 2. degree Celsius 3. degree Delisle
4. degree Fahrenheit5. degree Newton6. degree Rankine
7. degree Réaumur8. degree Rømer



1. second 2. atomic unit of time 3. Callippic cycle
4. century5. day6. day (sidereal)
7. decade8. fortnight9. helek
10. Hipparchic cycle11. hour12. jiffy
13. jiffy (alternate)14. ke (quarter of an hour)15. ke (traditional)
16. lustre; lustrum17. Metonic cycle; enneadecaeteris18. millennium
19. milliday20. minute21. moment
22. month (full)23. month (Greg. av.)24. month (hollow)
25. month (synodic)26. octaeteris27. Planck time
28. shake29. sigma30. Sothic cycle
31. svedberg32. week33. year
34. year (Gregorian)35. year (Julian)36. year (sidereal)
37. year (tropical)



1. angular mil 2. arcminute; MOA 3. arcsecond
4. centesimal minute of arc5. centesimal second of arc6. degree (of arc)
7. grad; gradian; gon8. octant9. quadrant
10. radian11. sextant12. sign



1. meter per second 2. foot per hour 3. foot per minute
4. foot per second5. furlong per fortnight6. inch per hour
7. inch per minute8. inch per second9. kilometer per hour
10. knot11. knot (Admiralty)12. mach number
13. mile per hour14. mile per minute15. mile per second
16. speed of light in vacuum17. speed of sound in air



1. meter/liter 2. kilometer/liter 3. mile/liter
4. nautical mile/liter5. nautical mile/gallon (US)6. kilometer/gallon (US)
7. meter/gallon (US)8. mile/gallon (US)9. meter/quart (US)
10. meter/pint (US)11. meter/cup (US)12. meter/fluid ounce (US)



1. unit 1 2. yotta- 3. zetta-
4. exa-5. peta-6. tera-
7. giga-8. mega-9. kilo-
10. hecto-11. deca-12. deci-
13. centi-14. milli-15. micro-
16. nano-17. pico-18. femto-
19. atto-20. zepto-21. yocto-



1. meter per second squared 2. foot per hour per second 3. foot per minute per second
4. foot per second squared5. gal; galileo6. inch per minute per second
7. inch per second squared8. knot per second9. mile per hour per second
10. mile per minute per second11. mile per second squared12. standard gravity



1. kilogram per cubic meter 2. gram per milliliter 3. kilogram per liter
4. ounce per cubic foot5. ounce per cubic inch6. ounce per gallon (imperial)
7. ounce per gallon (US fluid)8. pound per cubic foot9. pound per cubic inch
10. pound per gallon (imperial)11. pound per gallon (US fluid)12. slug per cubic foot


Electric Charge:

1. coulomb 2. abcoulomb 3. electromagnetic unit
4. atomic unit of charge5. faraday6. statcoulomb
7. franklin8. electrostatic unit


Electric Current:

1. ampere 2. electromagnetic unit; abampere 3. esu per second; statampere


Electric Potential:

1. volt 2. abvolt 3. statvolt



1. joule 2. barrel of oil equivalent 3. British thermal unit (ISO)
4. British thermal unit (International)5. British thermal unit (mean)6. British thermal unit (thermochemical)
7. British thermal unit (39°F)8. British thermal unit (59°F)9. British thermal unit (60°F)
10. British thermal unit (63°F)11. calorie (International Table)12. calorie (mean)
13. calorie (thermochemical)14. calorie (3.98°C)15. calorie (15°C)
16. calorie (20°C)17. Celsius heat unit (International Table)18. cubic centimeter of atmosphere
19. standard cubic centimeter20. cubic foot of atmosphere21. standard cubic foot
22. cubic foot of natural gas23. cubic yard of atmosphere24. standard cubic yard
25. electronvolt26. erg (cgs unit)27. foot-pound force
28. foot-poundal29. gallon-atmosphere (imperial)30. gallon-atmosphere (US)
31. hartree, atomic unit of energy32. horsepower-hour33. inch-pound force
34. kilocalorie35. large calorie36. kilowatt-hour
37. Board of Trade Unit38. liter-atmosphere39. quad
40. rydberg41. therm (E.C.)42. therm (US)
43. thermie44. ton of coal equivalent45. ton of oil equivalent
46. ton of TNT



1. cubic meter per second 2. cubic foot per minute 3. cubic foot per second
4. cubic inch per minute5. cubic inch per second6. gallon (US fluid) per day
7. gallon (US fluid) per hour8. gallon (US fluid) per minute9. liter per minute



1. newton 2. atomic unit of force 3. dyne
4. kilogram-force5. kilopond6. grave-force
7. kip; kip-force8. milligrave-force9. gravet-force
10. ounce-force11. pound-force12. poundal
13. sthene14. ton-force



1. hertz 2. exahertz 3. petahertz
4. terahertz5. gigahertz6. megahertz
7. kilohertz8. decihertz9. millihertz
10. microhertz11. nonohertz12. picohertz
13. cycle/second14. wavelength in terameters15. wavelength in gigameters
16. wavelength in megameters17. wavelength in kilometers18. wavelength in meters
19. wavelength in decimeters20. wavelength in centimeters21. wavelength in millimeters
22. wavelength in micrometers23. Electron Compton wavelength24. Proton Compton wavelength
25. Neutron Compton wavelength



1. footcandle 2. lumen per square inch 3. lux
4. phot



1. candela per square foot 2. candela per square inch 3. candela per square meter
4. footlambert5. lambert6. stilb


Magnetic Flux:

1. weber 2. milliweber 3. microweber
4. volt second5. unit pole6. megaline
7. kiloline8. line9. maxwell
10. tesla square meter11. tesla square centimeter12. gauss square centimeter
13. magnetic flux quantum


Magnetic Flux Density:

1. tesla 2. weber/square meter 3. weber/square centimeter
4. weber/square inch5. maxwell/square meter6. maxwell/square centimeter
7. maxwell/square inch8. gauss9. line/square centimeter
10. line/square inch11. gammaFlux



1. watt 2. atmosphere-cubic centimeter per minute 3. atmosphere-cubic centimeter per second
4. atmosphere-cubic foot per hour5. atmosphere-cubic foot per minute6. atmosphere-cubic foot per second
7. BTU (International Table) per hour8. BTU (International Table) per minute9. BTU (International Table) per second
10. calorie (International Table) per second11. erg per second12. foot-pound-force per hour
13. foot-pound-force per minute14. foot-pound-force per second15. horsepower (boiler)
16. horsepower (European electrical)17. horsepower (imperial electrical)18. horsepower (imperial mechanical)
19. horsepower (metric)20. liter-atmosphere per minute21. liter-atmosphere per second
22. lusec23. poncelet24. square foot equivalent direct radiation
25. ton of air conditioning26. ton of refrigeration (imperial)27. ton of refrigeration (IT)



1. pascal 2. atmosphere (standard) 3. atmosphere (technical)
4. bar5. barye6. centimeter of mercury
7. centimeter of water (4°C)8. foot of mercury (conventional)9. foot of water (39.2°F)
10. inch of mercury (conventional)11. inch of water (39.2°F)12. kilogram-force per square millimeter
13. kip per square inch14. micron (micrometer) of mercury15. millimeter of mercury
16. millimeter of water (3.98°C)17. pièze18. pound per square foot
19. pound per square inch20. poundal per square foot21. short ton per square foot
22. torr



1. becquerel 2. curie 3. rutherford



1. Newton meter 2. foot-pound force 3. foot-poundal
4. inch-pound force5. meter kilogram


Dynamic Viscosity:

1. pascal second 2. poise 3. pound per foot hour
4. pound per foot second5. pound-force second per square foot6. pound-force second per square inch


Kinematic Viscosity:

1. square meter per second 2. square foot per second 3. stokes